What is a is the personal domain of Sam Ferguson. The name comes from the post office box number used for the top-secret laboratory at Los Alamos where the atom bomb was developed. Because Sam was young when he purchased this domain and thought he was being clever.

He used to put things here: Blogs, photo galleries, that sort of thing. These days, all of the content he might post or publish (and we're being very generous with the word "content" here) is generally distributed across social media.

So the domain lies dormant, like a sleeping basset hound. Sam assures us that he will probably do something with it again at some point. He's entertained the notion of a unified blog where he'll post content about all of his various interests -- from fountain pens to politics to Star Trek and heavy metal music, and beyond.

But Sam is notoriously lazy. So don't count your velociraptors before they've hatched.

In the meantime, you can catch Sam on various social media channels. Levels of activity will vary.

Please note that Sam is very unlikely to accept Facebook friend requests from people he does not know, "circle back" anyone he does not know on Google+, or accept LinkedIn requests from people with whom he doesn't actually have a professional relationship (or a potential professional relationship). It's nothing personal, he just prefers to keep those channels limited. Public content is sometimes published to Facebook and Google+.

And of course anyone can follow his Twitter profile, which is public.

So that's...that's all, I guess. Be well.